About Baywood Park...

With their latest singles entitled ‘Back Then’ and ‘Lying in Ruins,’ Baywood Park earned their way onto Van’s Warped Tour and Summerfest in Milwaukee in the summer of 2011. They have had the opportunity to perform with many nationally touring acts across the Midwest, and only plan to increase their touring schedule.

Previously they had released a self-titled EP written by Dylan McAuley and Ben Quintanilla. Their single ‘Coast of Cali’ off that EP received local radio play on 95.9 KISS FM.

After receiving much positive feedback, they got together with their friends, Jordan and his brother Justus, to form a full band and continue writing and performing. Now, their newest EP release ‘Memory Lane’ has hit the scene. The band has already received a warm welcoming with these four new songs, and has busted onto the scene with creativeness and passion for their music.  

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